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Camping, Hiking, & Trails

Comox Valley Camping

A night under the stars is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the nature and the natural beauty of the Comox Valley. Plan your Comox Valley camping adventure and check out the amazing camping opportunities from beach front to alpine wilderness. Start at the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre to learn more about local campgrounds, RV Parks, and Provincial camping opportunities. Comox Valley camping options range from beachfront provincial parks and privately owned campgrounds to hike-in rugged camping spots nestled in the forest. You can also pick up maps of Comox Valley hiking trails or back road routes to find just the right spot. All that fresh air will inspire you to get up early for hiking, fishing, beach combing, photography, wildlife viewing, canoeing and more. Nothing tastes better than dinner cooked over an open campfire or marshmallows toasted to a golden hue. And when the campfire dies down it's easy to get lost in the sparkle of the stars. That's when sleep comes easily, gently welcomed in by the soft hoot of an owl or a symphony of tiny tree frogs.


Hiking and Trails

The Comox Valley is surrounded by wilderness and there are unlimited opportunities for hiking and trail exploration. Hiking trails, awe-inspiring scenery and plenty of wildlife await whether you prefer to walk alongside the ocean, trek into the mountains, or anything in between. Stroll in the shadows of an ancient, old growth rainforest, with a few lonely rays of sunlight filtering through the leafy monoliths overhead.

While you’re staying in the Comox Valley, ask at the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre for recommended hiking trails and trail maps where you can learn more about the countless kilometres of hiking trails that will introduce you to the picturesque island and alpine wilderness. There are more than 40 municipal parks in Courtenay and Comox with forest trails that are easily accessible and offer a wide variety of terrains to explore. Self-guided hiking trails routes also offer an informative way to explore the local area.

Cumberland hiking should definitely be on your list! Renowned for its forest trails, Cumberland attracts hikers and bike enthusiasts from all over to explore and take part in annual cross country and mountain biking events. With numerous provincial parks close by, you can hike through a pristine sub-alpine meadow for amazing photography opportunities of wildflowers, bird watching opportunities, and wilderness adventures. Or, take the chairlift to the top of Mount Washington for a magnificent view of the entire Comox Valley framed by the deep blue of the Georgia Strait and the mainland's Coast Mountain Range. Whether you enjoy hiking for the afternoon or want to plan an epic exploration, the Comox Valley beckons to be explored on foot.

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