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Meetings & Groups

The culture of beauty in the Comox Valley welcomes your special group. Search our festivals and events page for music festivals and a wide variety of cultural events, First Nations art or professional theatre to entertain you and your crowd.

Find it All in the Comox Valley

Groups, teams and individual travellers will find diverse accommodations, facilities and amenities in this high quality planning resource! From a world class ski resort, well-groomed trails and remarkable heritage buildings to pristine greens, hi-tech meeting rooms and a luxurious oceanside spa. The Comox Valley offers variety and quality to groups seeking adventure, retreat, exploration, training or relaxation.

Creativity springs to life in our theaters, pubs and art galleries. Festivals and celebrations mark our calendars year round. The history of this land and its people speaks through museums, tours, heritage buildings and folklore.

Delicious cuisine from our "Land of Plenty" will delight your senses. The Comox Valley's appreciation for locally grown and produced food is expressed in our shops, restaurants, harbours and markets. From fresh local oysters, prawns and salmon to locally raised exotic game, organic produce, and artisan cheese and bread. A taste of the Comox Valley will leave you hungry for more.

Enjoy breathtaking views from both mountain top and seaside venues. The Comox Valley lends itself well to travelers who delight in combining work and pleasure - with recreation opportunities right outside every door.

Feel the fresh air fill your lungs as you bike along forested trails. Delight in the vibrant colours as you hike through the blossoming purple heather of the alpine. Hear the splash of water as you dip your paddle into the meandering currents of pristine rivers. Feel the rush of the snow beneath your skis or let a gentle breeze fill your sails on sparkling water. And at the end of the day, each of the destinations in this planner offer visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life without sacrificing city amenities. The Comox Valley offers rural charm and urban allure all wrapped up in an incredible natural environment filled with friendly locals who treasure their home and warmly welcome visitors from all walks of life.

The Comox Valley is where farm fields meet fine cuisine, where heart pounding outdoor pursuits meet relaxation and where vibrant culture meets the salt of the earth - this is where dreams are realized...

Tell us your needs and we will point you in the right direction.

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